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Frequently Asked Questions

The goal of this platform is to produce excellent JAMB UTME candidates, through exposure to highly interactive platform that will give them a better edge over other candidates writing the same exam. The management of the Exam body has decided to fully change the medium of testing from Paper and Pencil, to Dual Based Test (Read questions on the computer and shade your answers), and fully to Computer Based Test (CBT). We provide an enabling environment that familiarises subscribers/Jambites with the exam environment. Various valuable services are available, e.g. Video Tutorials, Testing under timed condition, Corrections and Explanations, Interactive Forum, Result Analysis, Ask the teacher difficult questions, e.t.c. From year past, our clients passed at first sitting and did not have reasons to write JAMB the following year because each client was given all necessary priority and follow up.
To register, click on the "Register" link, you will be mandated to fill in all the fields provided in the form. Provide correct information about your full name, email address, phone number, secondary school attended, e.t.c. After a successful registration, you will be redirected to the activation page where you will be asked to make use of "ONE" of the provided (three) means of activation.

1. Option One: Online payment - The use debit cards e.g. Mastercard, Valve Card, VisaCard, e.t.c. is allowed, for account activation. Your account details shall never be stored in any of our database and the payment shall be made on a secured, reliable and encrypted platform.

2. Option Two: Activation PIN - You can obtain your activation pin from any branch of Zenith Bank Branch Nationwide, ask the staff in the banking hall for a print out of AMCLINT.COM JAMB CBT activation pin. Scratch Cards are available with all our authorized marketers nationwide. Click HERE to view their addresses.
3. Option Three: Bank Cash Deposit or Online Bank Transfer - Visit any zenith bank branch to make a cash depost of one thousand naira using your email address as "Depositor". You can equally utilize your online banking platform to initiate an inter/intra bank transfer of one thousand naira only. Your account will be activated immediately the payment is confirmed. Call 07046057623 or 07046057621 for details. Account Name: AMCLINT SOLUTIONS, Bank Name: Zenith Bank Plc, Account Number: 1013591516, Amount to pay or transfer: One thousand naira only (₦1,000:00), Depositor: Your email address.
Amclint Solutions is in no way affiliated with the Examination Body, we do not have access to live questions and do not give support to exam misconduct and malpractices. We are here for one purpose, to give you quality services that will prepare you to succeed in the Exam at one sitting. If your intention is to see live questions or to seek assistance during the Exam, please do not subscribe because you are on a wrong website.
We seek for independent marketers nationwide. This lucrative product sells in secondary schools, tutorial centres, business centres, cybercafes, churches, mosque, Jamb Accredited Centres, e.t.c. If you are interested in becoming an independent marketer or you seek an employment with us as a marketer, please click HERE to register. You can as well contact us on 07046057623, 07046057621 or email:
We are recording a very high traffic as far as subscription is concerned. Testimonies abound as the former users/Jambites on this platform did not stop recommending this to present applicants. The following shows the uniqueness.

1. DEVICE COMPATIBILITY: Unlike a solution on compact disc (CD), you do not need to get a laptop in order to open up the platform to write test. This website is higly compatible with any device, e.g. Mobile phones, Ipad, Tablet, Blackberry, e.t.c. Therefore, you can write test and participate in other valuable activities online anywhere, anytime, anyday with any device.

2. ASK THE TEACHER: This feature allows subscriber to ask difficult questions related to their exam, within minutes, answers are given and notification is sent to the candidate to check the answer online.

3. TEST CORRECTIONS AND EXPLANATIONS: After the test is written in a timed and tight exam-like environment, There is an immediate access to corrections and expalanations.

4. PROGRESS MONITORING: Parents are advised to register their wards/children online using their phone numbers. All test results will be sent to them and the weaknesses in each subject will be clearly known. In the last preparatory era, an area of weakness was discovered in a candidate by one of the parents, through careful observation of results sent to her phone, after every test attempt. The subjects was known and a tutor was employed to teach the candidtate. The candidtate now has admission to study Medicine.

5. Interactive Forum and lots more: All subjects have interactive environment where candidates broadly discuss topics of great interest. The features of this platform are inexhaustible. Kindly click to register and activate immediately to enjoy them.